The Telescopic crown was developed in Germany and is now one becoming one of the more common dental procedures used to construct removable dentures where there are teeth remaining in the jaw.

Telescopic crowns consist of two sets of crowns. First is a metal capsule that is put  on a prepared tooth . The other is a part of  removable prosthesis that copies the form of the first part inside and the natural tooth outside.




Some of the benefits of the telescopic over  conventional dentures and bridges:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • Longer life span of molar teeth
  • Improved speech when compared with other dentures
  • Improved chewing ability


The denture aspect consists of a double crown system know as "the telescopic", the procedure involves fitting the remaining natural teeth with inner metal crowns, followed by outer crowns as part of an over denture that can be removed by the patient for cleaning purposes. This technique ensures that bite stress is distributed evenly between each tooth, protecting the remaining teeth and the end result looks quite natural. This technique is also suitable for cases of missing back molars.



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