Acrylic dentures


Acrylic dentures are supported mainly by the gums. While the plastic components can surround the existing teeth in the mouth, they do not gain any substantial levels of stability from them. Some acrylic partial dentures  feature metal clips or clasps, but rather than adding greater support, these fixtures simply help to retain the dentures in the correct position.





What are the benefits of acrylic dentures?


Dentures of this kind typically require a less sophisticated design than other varieties, such as partial models made from cobalt chromium. As a result, they are often recommended and fitted in situations when cost is a concern. Other situations when these dentures typically offer advantages over alternative fixtures include when they are only required temporarily, or are being placed immediately on the day of a tooth’s extraction as a temporary measure.

As with any form of denture, acrylic prosthetics also offer several other benefits to wearers. The presence of teeth helps to provide a natural facial appearance and can potentially help to increase people’s self-confidence. Furthermore, the fittings themselves can provide support for the lips and cheeks that can often take on a ‘collapsed’ appearance in patients with missing teeth.


The ability to chew food correctly suffers if teeth are lost and can be improved by wearing acrylic dentures. Consequently, dentures can not only boost the health and appearance of the mouth and face, but also of the body as a whole. If teeth are lost, people can often find their ability to speak clearly is impaired, particularly in the case of the anterior teeth – namely the incisors and canines. Those who opt for acrylic dentures should therefore find that their speech improves.



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