Oral Surgery

In our practice, the majority of dental extractions can be performed by your own dentist with a local anaesthetic. We treat our patients in the manner we ourselves would like to be treated, and as such any complex procedure will usually be referred to our Oral Surgery Specialist, which is a private referral. If suitable, an NHS referral can be made to another provider on the Island. The specialist will also be able to discuss with you the option of having the treatment done under sedation.



A tooth extraction involves the complete removal of a tooth from your mouth. There are several reasons why your dentist may recommend tooth extraction, such as decay, gum disease or fracture.


During your tooth extraction appointment, we will use a local anaesthetic to make sure the area being treated is fully numb, so you won't feel any discomfort.


Once the tooth has been fully removed, your dentist will use gauze to stop any bleeding, and use stitches to repair the gap should this be necessary. We will provide you with post operative instructions including advice regarding painkillers, control of bleeding, and any potential complication that may occur.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Many wisdom teeth can be removed under a local anaesthetic as you would have for routine fillings. However, if they are a little more complicated we will discuss with you the option of having this done by a specialist, who can provide the treatment under IV sedation.


The main discomfort may be experienced the first night after surgery. The Dentist will advise you on pain relief at the time of your discharge. After the extraction you will be given an advice sheet on how to look after your mouth and details of who to contact for further advice should this be necessary




This is when an infection has occurred at the tip of the root or roots of a tooth, spreading into the surrounding  bone that supports the tooth. If left untreated the infection will spread possibly developing into an abscess or cyst, or damaging bone around adjacent teeth. 


An apicectomy is a small surgical procedure designed to cure an infection at the tip of the root or roots of a tooth.  It is most frequently carried out under local anaesthetic (injection into the gum), However you may be offered IV sedation if you are nervous.


We will refer you to an Oral Surgery specialist to have this procedure performed, who will discuss with you the options of having the treatment done with intravenous sedation. This can be done privately in our clinic, or referral to another practice for NHS treatment.

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