Stain removal with a difference

We are excited to provide a new service – stain removal using the freshly released Proxeo AURA air polisher! (available from 1st October)

What is so good about it?


It is a step up from the standard scale and polish session since it combines the power of a thorough clean with enhanced ability to remove stains, resulting in a whiter smile.  The results are immediate – you’ll feel and see the difference as soon as the AURA air clean and gleam dental treatment has been completed. AURA not only removes stains; it removes all bacteria (biofilm) in the mouth that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. At our treatment sessions we will also remove any calculus (tartar) that is present for no additional charge.

AURA is highly effective, minimally invasive and gentle, meaning that people with gum disease, braces, crowns, bridges, veneers and implants are eligible for treatment. 


How does it work?


It works through the combined power of three things – air, powder and a jet of water. There are three different powders and your clinician will choose the one that best suits your needs.


Who would this treatment work for?


The answer is anyone who wants to remove staining from their teeth! In particular, the system would benefit:

Tea and coffee drinkers
People who have stopped smoking
Fixed orthodontic appliance wearers
People who prefer a sensitive and atraumatic technique

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