Specialist referrals


There are times when it may be necessary to refer you to see a specialist for your treatment, and if you are an NHS patient every effort will be made to secure funding on your behalf to receive the treatment you require. The standard referrals that can be sent are:


  • Oral surgery referrals

These are sent to the referral centre, who distribute the referrals between primary care providers, currently in Ventnor and st mary's, whereby your  complex extraction, apicectomy or other oral surgery procedure will be provided by a specialist or a dentist with special interest. Items such as biopsies and jaw joint problems are referred to the hospital.

  • Orthodontic referrals

If your child meets the criteria for referral, we will send the referral to the orthodontic triage centre, who will distribute the referral to a provider on the Island who will be able to assess the need for orthodontic treatment. The cut off age for free treatment is 18, so it is important to ensure regular dental attendance in the early teenage years to ensure that if your child is eligible, they enter the referral system at the right time.

  • Special care referrals

If you have particular health needs that affect your care, or you or your child have a phobia, a referral can be made to the special care service in Cowes for treatment, where the clinicians have extensive experience in providing care for patients with additional needs.

  • Radiography referrals

A referral can be made to the hospital if you require an OPG (an x-ray that shows your whole mouth). This is a free of charge service.


Some referrals require approval from NHS England before funding is agreed. This is called an individual funding request. If you meet the strict criteria, a referral will be sent on your behalf. In order to be approved, you need to be able to demonstrate regular attendance at a dental practice (if you are a new patient to our practice we will ask you to obtain records form your previous practice), maintain good oral hygiene and for the majority of specialties, particularly for gum disease, it is required that you have not smoked for at least six months. Your dentist will discuss with you your eligibility for referral. Specialists that can be accessed via this route are:

  • Orthodontists for those aged 19 and over
  • Periodontists
  • Prosthodontists
  • Restorative specialists
  • Multidisciplinary complex cases
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