NHS Dental Emergency

All of our NHS registered patients are able to access emergency care within 1 working day of calling the practice. We advise patients to call us as early in the day as possible to facilitate arranging a suitable appointment on the same day. Urgent treatment means treatments that are provided to a person in circumstances where:


  • a prompt course of treatment is provided because, in the opinion of the Dentist, that person’s oral health is likely to deteriorate significantly, or the person is in severe pain by reason of his oral condition, and
  • treatment is provided only to the extent that is necessary to prevent that significant deterioration or address that severe pain.

In most cases, this will mean extraction, a temporary filling, or other relevant measure to get you out of immediate pain.


A broken filling where there is no specific pain or immediate detriment to your health will be accommodated by us as soon as possible, and is likely to incur a band two charge as it may not fall under the remit of urgent treatment as defined by NHS regulations.


Out-of-hours dental care

If you have a problem outside normal practice hours or you're in pain, you can first try helping yourself by taking painkillers. If you feel the problem can wait until normal practice hours, you can call NHS 111 for self care advice. 


Emergency dental care


Go to A&E if you:

  • are in severe pain that is not helped by painkillers
  • are bleeding a lot and it won't stop
  • trauma of the face, mouth or teeth after a recent accident or injury

NHS out-of-hours or emergency dental care


Emergency and out-of-hours NHS dental care will cost you £22.70. After this you may have to make another appointment for separate non-urgent treatment, where you will have to pay a second charge in the relevant treatment band.


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