We make a commitment to invest in our practice to provide the most up-to-date equipment for our clinicians to use to ensure we are able to provide the highest standards of clinical and patient care. Digital dentistry helps us to reduce our environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste produced by traditional administrative methods.

Medit i500 scanner

We have a digital scanner for private dentures, crowns and bridges. This technology has many benefits, including:

  • No more impressions! 
  • Improved fit of the crown, bridge or denture. 
  • All records are stored on a database so we can duplicate the same result instantly if needed, for example if you lose your denture.

Online Booking

We offer the convenience of online booking so that you can arrange dental appointments without having to disrupt your busy day. Once booked, you will receive an email confirmation with links to complete your forms online.




All treatment plans are signed using our clinipad tablet system and a copy emailed to you for your records. This has significantly reduced the amount of paper waste generated by the practice.



Intra-oral camera

We use a camera to take pictures of your teeth, so that you can see exactly what we see and understand the treatment we are proposing. The camera is also used to show you areas you cannot see, such as behind your front teeth, so that we can show you how to improve your oral health.

Patient portal

We offer a completely paper free experience to our practice with our patient portal. When you have your email reminder, you can fill in medical history forms, consent forms and update your details on your desktops, tablets and mobile phone devices prior to your appointment. These are filled out securely online and then transmitted back to our dental software automatically and stored within your dental record, saving you time when you attend for your appointment.

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